The Women's College Club of Princeton NJ


Trip – Princeton Theological Library

Thursday, February 5, 2015, Princeton Theological Library at 64 Mercer Street, Princeton. Lunch was at the newly-installed café at the Library.
Reference Librarian Kate Skrebutenas, tour leader of one group of WCC members, addresses Mary Giordmaine, Aloha Holloway, Mary Laity, Reba Lippincott, , Marjory White, Virginia Wei, Lynda Woods Cleary, Arie Wittke, Dorothy Fulham, Sarah Parker, and Kathy Archivist Kenneth Woodrow Henke lead the second group of WCC members which included Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, Marlene Gordon, Lorraine Haucke, and Nancy Lifland.WCCP-PTSLibraryFeb2015-IMG_4874_web

The rare book room-WCCP-PTSLibraryFeb2015-IMG_4877_web Kay Bingeman, Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, Marlene Gordon, Lorraine Haucke, Nancy Lifland, Beverly Kestenis, Angelica Mariani, Janet Reiche listening to Archivist Kenneth Woodrow Henke WCCP-PTSLibrary-IMG_4878_web

Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, Janet Reiche, Kay Bingeman, Marlene Gordon, and Lorraine Haucke looking at one of the many exhibits on the ground floor of the new Library-WCCP-PTSLibraryFeb2015-IMG_4870_web Archivist Kenneth Woodrow Henke addresses Lorraine Haucke, Angelica Mariani, Marlene Gordon, Ellyn Vogel, Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, and Janet Reiche. -WCCP-PTSLibrary-IMG_4879_web
(Photos by Nora Ananos)


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