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Biographies of the seventeen 2022 scholarship award winners


  • Enriches and empowers women since 1916.
  • Provides monthly programs with speakers at the Morven Museum in Princeton.
  • Provides college scholarships annually to outstanding young women attending Princeton area high schools. 
  • Offers opportunities for cultural enrichment and fellowship.   

Activities for August 2022

  • August 2022 Newsletter
  • First Friday Walk Due to the persistent heat, the walking group is postponing its August walk until September, when the weather is more cooperative.
  • August 9, Tuesday, 2 PM Board Meeting at W. Windsor Library
  • August 10, Wednesday, 4:50 PM, Movie Group “Vengeance” at the Montgomery Cinema and grab a slice or something next door afterwards.
  • August 17, Wednesday, noon Lunching Out – we will go to Acacia in Lawrenceville.
  • August 26, Friday, 11 AM Book Group at Windrows, in the Barnhart Room.  Island of a Thousand Mirrors by Nayomi Munaweera.

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      • One of the greatest benefits received from membership in The Women’s College Club of Princeton is participating in the camaraderie generated among members with diverse backgrounds and interests who unite to financially help outstanding young women pursue their education.
      • Membership in our club is opened to all women, without regard to age, race, creed or color, live in the greater Princeton area, and who will pledge to actively support the mission of the Club.

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Sabrina Matlock – recipient of a Women’s College Club scholarship. Sabrina attended American University and majored in Law and Society and minored in Spanish. She continued onto law school at Washington and Lee University School of Law where she competed in an external mock trial competition placing third in regional and advancing to the national competition. She presently serves as the president of the Black Law Students’ Association and is competing in both internal and external mock trial competitions. This summer she will be interning for the Department of Justice in the Special Litigation Section Working on civil right litigation.

Iona Binnie – recipient of the Hillier Award. Iona attended Williams College majoring in physics. There she joined the concert and chamber choirs, joined the hand-bell choir, and continued to teach circus using the college’s Free University program to offer a free class to students during the winter study period. After graduation, she went to CU Boulder to begin a PHD program in atomic, molecular, and optical physics. As part of a research group, she began working on developing interestingly structured beams of pulsed extreme ultraviolet light using high-harmonic generation. She is involved with the Graduate Women and Gender Minorities in Physics group, as well as the United Campus workers of Colorado Union. Iona is undecided about what to do after graduate school but is considering paths in both industry and academia.

Marta Crespo – recipient of the Molly Updike Award. Marta graduated cum laude from Montclair University. She majored in psychology and minored in education. She presently teaches second grade at Grand Oaks. Marta has decided to go back for a further degree in education leadership at the College of New Jersey.

Jessica Sacco – recipient of a Women’s College Club scholarship. Jessica attended Lehigh University and graduated with a BS in Chemical Engineering. She is currently at Penn State working on her PhD in chemical engineering. She is a second-year doctoral candidate and the topic of her research involves studying how tissue mechanics promote breast cancer progression. She is also part of the Graduate Women in Engineering group which works to foster a more equitable environment for underrepresented groups within the College of Engineering as well as organizing outreach activities to encourage young girls to get involved with STEM.

Alana Chmiel – recipient of the Peyton Memorial Award. Alana graduated from Rutgers University School of Nursing and then accepted a nursing position at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. She works on an adult medicine floor with diverse patient populations. She describes nursing as a dynamic field but particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nia Daids – recipient of a Women’s College Club scholarship. Nia graduated from Oberlin College majoring in environmental studies with a public health focus. Not only did she find brilliant and kind mentors there, but she was able to travel abroad for classes and take advantage of multiple internship opportunities. She plans to go back for a second degree and use her environmental studies education to inform a career as a nurse practitioner. Currently she is taking prerequisite classes.

Thanks to Beverly Kestenis for contacting these women. It is heartwarming to know that our scholarships have helped these young women become successful.

Some highlights about the club members and events:

BonnieLarsonMay 2022 –  Member  Spotlight: We are highlighting our board member, Bonnie LarsonBonnie has been a member of the College Club since her retirement.  She is currently Corresponding Secretary, Newsletter Chair, Book Chair and Lunching Out Chair. Bonnie grew up in Bergen County New Jersey, went to Upsala College for her undergraduate degree and Rutgers University for her Master’s Degree.  She taught elementary school in New York State, New Hampshire, and New Jersey before becoming a reading specialist and supervisor. In 1981, after losing her teaching job in Bordentown Township, she moved into the business world, first at several small companies and then she worked for AT&T.  Bonnie was responsible for sales support and marketing which included tradeshows, brochures, advertising, PR, user groups and launch events. She worked in various AT&T organizations until the group she was with was sold. After AT&T, she worked for several start-ups and eventually found herself back in education, ending her career as Director of a New Brunswick school preschool, working for the Middlesex Regional Educational Association. Bonnie was married twice, the first ending in a divorce, and the second ended with the sudden death of her husband at age 55. Bonnie keeps busy by not only with the College Club, but also the Present Day Club, as a member of the Cranbury Shade Tree Commission and as Chair of the Cranbury Cable Committee. She also runs other dinner, lunch and card groups, including a Red Hat group for 12 years.

KathyHUTCHINS April 2022 –  Member  Spotlight: We are highlighting our former president and current Trip Chair, Kathy HutchinsKathy joined the Women’s College Club in 2004, the year she moved to Princeton, from Massachusetts.  In March 2004, her friend Mary Ann was visiting from Massachusetts. Kathy saw an ad in Town Topics for a trip to the Mercer Museum in Doylestown.  Mary Ann and Kathy met the group going to the Mercer Museum in the parking lot of what is now Walgreens.  There they were – Gerry Bowers, Alice Bianno, Marge White, Mary Lincoln, Patty O’Connell, and Barbara Johnson.  Kathy had no idea where Doylestown was so Gerry Bowers volunteered to go with them.  Gerry and Mary Ann were both serious Presbyterians and had so much to talk about that they got lost and arrived late to the Mercer Museum. Patty O’Connell cut her foot on the tiles and Mary Ann actually had Band-Aids with her.  On the way home Mary Lincoln’s car broke down.  And as everyone pulled into the parking lot Kathy decided to join the Club. Marge White invited Kathy to play with her at the Bridge Benefit at the Present Day Cub and at the end of that lunch Kathy had agreed to run the Bridge Benefit the following year. (She was Marge’s partner and they played with a former mayor of Princeton and another woman who kept taking her cards back). That effort made Kathy a board member, the first year of Barbara Johnson’s presidency. Kathy learned all about Princeton by driving Barbara to the board meetings at members’ houses.  And what a great bunch of women who welcomed her into their club.  Ruth Woodward showed Kathy her quilt collection; Jane Coda outbid Kathy for Doris Brinster’s white coat, Mary Laity introduced her to some great books, and Gerry always asked her how Mary Ann was doing in Indiana.  Kathy remembers Doris Tazelaar bringing a loop to check out the donations to the white elephant sale in the President’s dining room at the Present Day Club. Over time Kathy was chair of hospitality, the WCCP Scholarship Committee, and trips. She learned all about the Scholarship Committee from Ramona Peyton and Barbara Chatham who were beyond dedicated to their jobs. Kathy got to know Ginny Mason by planning the scholarship tea at Ginny’s house, and the guidance counselors at the four schools from which we draw our candidates. Thereafter, Kathy was President of WCCP off and on.  All these wonderful women – dedicated to enriching the lives of local young women – helped Kathy write a new chapter in her life. 

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USA veterans / WCCP Members
We celebrate our very much wonderful four veteran members, Frieda Gilvarg (passed away Oct 2019), Gerry Bowers (passed away Feb 2022), Barbara Broad (passed away Dec 2019), and Mary Frances Stahler – vibrant, funny, energetic women who served their country, and this club.

Frieda Gilvarg in her WW2 WAVE uniform on Veterans Day, Nov 11, 2018, at Stonebridge.

Frieda Gilvarg, one of the Club’s great originals, in her full WWII WAVE uniform, it is amazing she still had the uniform and it still fits her on Veterans Day 2019. Frieda passed away Thursday October 10, 2019.

GerryBowersPhotos-cropGerry Bowers (lower left) at Control Tower at Atlanta, Georgia, during WWII, passed away Feb 2022 .

gerribowersShe recently celebrated a very happy 100th birthday.  She was a past president and remained an active member of our club to the very end.  

Barbara-Broad  Barbara Broad (passed away Dec 2019); joined the WAVES as an ensign, later serving as lieutenant at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and Pearl Harbor.

MaryFrancesStahlerNbrother-cropMary Frances Nagle (Stahler), First Lieutenant, US Air Force, Bay of Pigs. (on the left is a photo of her brother)

(more photos)

April 10, 2016 – the 100th anniversary of The Women’s College Club of Princeton. CLICK HERE  to see more photos of the celebration. (Photo credit: Nora Ananos)
34-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0133-Row 1 - N.Lifland, B.Larson, G.Culin, N.Ananos, B.Kestenis, J.Reiche, M.Mathews; Row 2 - B.Johnson, A.Conlon, M.Gordon, L.W.Cleary, F.Begun, K.Hutchins, N.Byers, D.Buzdygan-Stys