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WELCOME   The Women’s College Club of Princeton annually awards college scholarships to outstanding young women attending Princeton public or private secondary schools who are in need of assistance to meet the high costs of tuition.   We invite you to learn more about the history of our Club, and the wide range of informative programs and activities planned by our members, many of which  are open to the public.  Explore the categories of our website and discover why The Women’s College Club of Princeton, NJ is THE CLUB to join for service-oriented, college-educated women living in Princeton and in the Princeton area.

MEMBERSHIPOne of the greatest benefits received from membership in The Women’s College Club of Princeton is participating in the camaraderie generated among members with diverse backgrounds and interests who unite to financially help outstanding young women pursue their education. Membership in our club is open to all women, without regard to age, race, creed or color, live in the greater Princeton area, and who will pledge to actively support the mission of the Club.

WCCPNJ-Board Members2018-2019_0065:seated L-R: N. Lifland, K. Hutchins, M. Giordmaine. Standing L-R: B. Johnson, L. Woods Cleary, C. Stawski, M. Gordon, M.F. Stahler, B. Kestenis, A. Conlon, M. Laity, J. Reiche, B. Larson, E. Mackenzie, L. Haucke, H. Ju, N. Ananos. Not pictured: G. Culin, D. Buzdygan-Stys.
Board Members: 2018-2019; Photo courtesy of Nora Ananos

Some highlights about the Club:

Frieda Gilvarg in her WW2 WAVE uniform on Veterans Day, Nov 11, 2018, at Stonebridge.USA veterans / WCCP Members
We celebrate our very much present wonderful four veterans, Frieda Gilvarg, Gerry Bowers, Barbara Broad, and Mary Frances Stahler – vibrant, funny, energetic women who served their country, and this club and still do. Frieda Gilvarg, one of the Club’s great originals, in her full WWII WAVE uniform, it is amazing she still has the uniform and it still fits.

GerryBowersControlTower Gerry Bowers at Control Tower at Atlanta, Georgia.

MaryFrancesStahler-crop Mary Frances Nagle (Stahler), First Lieutenant, US Air Force, Bay of Pigs.

(more photos)

Handicraft Group
Started in 2018: several members have expressed interest in Lorraine Haucke’s and Kathy Hutchins’ proposal of a handicraft group.  If you hook rugs, crochet, sew, quilt, knit, needle point, embroider, cross stitch, need to sew on a button or two, shorten something,  or just like the idea, this group wants YOU.  Come share ideas or socialize. For more details, go to the left side-menu, and click: Calendar/Handiwork.

Let Kathy Hutchins know if you are interested in joining members to see a movie or play and also have a quick meal before or after.

The 2018 Scholarship Tea was held at the home of Ginny Mason, Tuesday, May 15, 2018, between 3:00  – 5:00 p.m.  (Photos by Nora Ananos)

April 10, 2016 – the 100th anniversary of The Women’s College Club of Princeton. CLICK HERE  to see more photos of the celebration. (Photo credit: Nora Ananos)
34-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0133-Row 1 - N.Lifland, B.Larson, G.Culin, N.Ananos, B.Kestenis, J.Reiche, M.Mathews; Row 2 - B.Johnson, A.Conlon, M.Gordon, L.W.Cleary, F.Begun, K.Hutchins, N.Byers, D.Buzdygan-Stys