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WCCP’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

We made it! We turned a hundred years old. To celebrate, we gathered for tea, surrounded by friends, well-wishers, and Assemblymen Andrew Zwicker and Jack Ciattarelli, with cellist Jacob Tyles supplying background music, and two very special speakers, Treby Williams, Executive Vice President of Princeton University, and Professor Nancy Weiss Malkiel, providing inspirational speeches. Thank you all who assisted in the event.

Photos taken by Nora Ananos of WCCPNJ’s 100th anniversary celebration at
Chauncey Center on the ETS campus, on Sunday April 10, 2016. 

011-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0003-Nancy Lifland and Marlene Gordon

022-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0004-Beverly Crane Dubee, Reba Lippincott, and Jeff Lippincott

033-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0006-100th Anniversary Poster by Nora Ananos

044-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0009-photos on display on history table 

055-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0010-display on history 

06 6-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0011- Jacob Tyles, Princeton ’19, cellist

077-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0030-- Lynda Woods Cleary’s table

088-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0034- Treby Williams, Murray Peyton, Nancy Malkiel

099-WCCP 9-100th Anniversary2016_0036-- Dotty Fullam’s table

10 10-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0037-- Angie Milani’s table

1111-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0039- - Elaine Rafferty, Diane Gerofsky

1212-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0041-- Kay Bingeman’s table with Marge White in her hat

1313-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0042-- Kay’s table again with Barbara Broad, Reba Lippincott, Jeff Lippincott, Dotty Fullam, Beverly Crane Dubee

1414-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0043-- Bonnie Larson’s table

1515-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0044- Florence Begun’s table

1616-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0079-- Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli

1717-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0088-Assemblymen Zwicker and Ciattarelli, and Lynda Woods Cleary

1818-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0088-Assemblymen Zwicker and Ciattarelli, and Lynda Woods ClearyAssemblymen Zwicker and Ciattarelli, and Lynda Woods Cleary

1919-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0101-- President Kathy Hutchins

2020-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0104-- Treby Williams, Executive Vice President of Princeton University

2121-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0105-20-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0105-- Treby Williams, Executive Vice President of Princeton University

2222-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0110- Speaker Professor Nancy Weiss Malkiel

2323-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0113-Speaker Professor Nancy Weiss Malkiel

24 24_WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0114-- Head of School Patty Fagin, Frank Reiche, Barbara Johnson, Tim Fagin, Janet Reiche, Bob Hillier, Jacob Tyles

2525-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0117-- Alyce Conlon, Mary Laity, Marg DeYongh,Dee Cantrell

2626-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0119-- Ed Stawsli, Carol Stawski, Nancy Lifland, Marge White, Rita Blum, Joyce Maso.

2727-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0120-- Barbara Johnson and Bob Hillier

2828-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0122-Danuta Buzdygan-Stys and Bob Hillier

2929-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0123-- A good crowd picture

3030-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0124-- Treby Williams and Kathy Hutchins

3131-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0127-Treby Williams, Kathy Hutchins and Speaker Nancy Malkiel

3232-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0128-- Treby Williams, Kathy Hutchins and Speaker Nancy Malkiel

3333-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0130- Nora Ananos and her poster

3434-WCCP 100th Anniversary2016_0133-Row 1 - N.Lifland, B.Larson, G.Culin, N.Ananos, B.Kestenis, J.Reiche, M.Mathews; Row 2 - B.Johnson, A.Conlon, M.Gordon, L.W.Cleary, F.Begun, K.Hutchins, N.Byers, D.Buzdygan-Stys


What a fabulous occasion as members and guests (102 strong) joined together to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Women’s College Club of Princeton on Sunday, April 10th!  The weather dawned sunny and bright, guests were welcomed by past presidents as they entered the Chauncey Center and were directed to the beautifully decorated Solomon Room where a young cellist from Princeton University greeted them.  Displays at the History Table featured events of the past 100 years.

Following a delicious tea, our President Kathy Hutchins welcomed everyone and introduced special guests.  We all raised our champagne glasses as we toasted 100 years of fulfilling our mission of awarding scholarships to deserving young women of Princeton area schools and of providing cultural enrichment for ourselves and the Princeton community.  Treby Williams, Executive Vice President of Princeton University, introduced our guest speaker, Professor Nancy Malkiel, Former Dean of Princeton University, who delivered an inspiring speech highlighting the introduction of undergraduate women to the campuses of Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, etc.

Many thanks to the committee who cheerfully spent many hours planning for this event and to all the donors who contributed so generously.  It was a splendid afternoon of celebration!  Here’s to the next 100!

                                                                     Janet Reich






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