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General Meeting October 15, 2018: speaker Richard Eiger

MONDAY, October 15, 2018    1:00 p.m.   ALL SAINTS EPISCOPAL CHURCH

Photo of Richard EigerRichard Eiger, a retired book publisher, is a graduate of Pratt Institute where he majored in advertising design.  He began his career working for Western Publishing Golden Books and eventually became President of Macmillan Educational Company and Publisher of the World Almanac.

Publishing books through periods of great change has always been a great challenge, and successfully met by American publishers.  His career in publishing has been a discovery of how book people worked together to publish against all odds and thrive.

In these 20thcentury snap shots you will meet some of the many wonderful people he has met along the way, formally and informally, at work and at play.  These people were committed to the collective principle of their publishing purpose.  They made it happen! And people like them still do today.

In his 40 years of publishing paperbacks, children’s books, cook books, encyclopedias and dictionaries, his office never strayed beyond the confines of Midtown Manhattan, but the stories of people, projects, and events to be mentioned were played out across America and Western Europe.

Mr. Eiger is trustee Emeritus of Pratt Institute, and is Trustee of The Delaware College of Art and Design.  He is a Francophile, joins book clubs, and is working tour guide for the Princeton Historical Society.  Mr. Eiger’s publishing memoir, entitled “Booked for Life” has been submitted to his literary agent. –Barbara Johnson

(Photos courtesy of Nora Ananos)
GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0045 Club President K.Hutchins opening General Meeting GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0049 Program Director B. Johnson introducing speaker

GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0054 speaker Richard Eiger GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0060 speaker Richard Eiger

GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0050 attendees GM-Eiger10152018DSC_0052reception/refreshments


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