The Women's College Club of Princeton NJ


2019 Annual May Luncheon Meeting

May 20 2019  Monday

At the Annual Luncheon meeting, the club president presented the annual reports from various committees, and informed members of the new board and chairs for the following year. Part of the lunch proceeds went towards the Scholarship Fund. Club President’s Annual Report.

Lunch was at 12:00 p.m. at Windrows-Nassau Room, for members and their guests. Special program guests were from the PRINCETON FESTIVAL: Asst. Director Gregory Geehem and five of the festival singers. (Photos by Nora Ananos)

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-ClubPresident: K.Hutchins_0282

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_0268 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-N. Lifland Treasurer annual reporting_0285 

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_0275 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-Princeton Festival singers_0292

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-Princeton Festival singer_0299 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_0270

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-Princeton Festival singer 0305 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival singer Asst Director Gregory Geeham0293

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg-L-R:G.Huber,K.Babich,T.Healy,G.Culin_0273 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival singer & pianist 0310

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival singers & Asst Director Gregory Geeham & Janet Reiche0331 2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival singer & Asst Director Gregory Geeham-0294

2019AnnualLuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival Asst Director Gregory Geeham-0289 2019LuncheonMtg_Princeton Festival singer & Asst Director Gregory Geeham_0323


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