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TRIP: “Gainsboro Family Album” Exhibition – Princeton University Art Museum, June 6, 2019

These are the 2 pictures of our visit to the Art Museum of Princeton on Thursday June 6th, 2019 organized by Kathleen Hutchins: “Gainsborough’s Family Album” Exhibition. Jane Ashcom was our guide. After the visit we went to Kathleen’s house for some refreshments, fruits and  sweets.

Info from the web:
Thomas Gainsborough (1727–1788) rose to become one of the most fashionable artists of eighteenth-century Britain, relying on commissioned portraits of royalty and aristocrats to make his living as a painter of both artistic and social ambition.
Family Album offers insights into the artist’s family life and sometimes-complicated personality but also into wider questions of domesticity, marriage, parenthood, and family values at the birth of the modern age. As it does so, it reveals a preoccupation that continues in the hands of other artists to this day, a legacy that will be explored in a companion installation.

Thank you Kathleen for organizing this visit, it was great!

Nora (photographer)

GainsboroFamilyAlbum_PUartMuseum0004: G.Culin, D.Kirpalani, E.Rafferty, J.Giordmaine, K.Hutchins, M.Giordmaine, J.Ashcom(Docent), T.Healy, A.Conlon, A.Wittke, D.Tazelaar, J.Reiche, S.Stein.

GainsboroFamilyAlbum_PUartMuseum0011: D.Kirpalani, N.Ananos, A.Conlon, T.Healy, J.Giordmaine, M.Giordmaine, K.Hutchins, G.Culin, E.Rafferty, J.Reiche, A.Wittke, J.Ashcom(Docent), S.Stein, N.Lifland


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