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General Meeting: February 17, 2020

Monday, February 17, 2020 (Presidents’ Day). Title:  Theodore Roosevelt–ONE OF A KIND.

Our 26tMulford headshoth president, Theodore Roosevelt served from 1901-1909.  A man of boundless energy and mammoth interests, he accomplished much.  Yet, as one scholar observed, “Theodore Roosevelt is illusive”.  Just when you think you know him, you don’t.” This talk attempts to address the puzzle of TR.
Dr. David Mulford, our speaker, is a retired Presbyterian minister.  With degrees from Colgate University, Princeton Theological Seminary and Drew University, he has served churches in New York, New Jersey and Florida.  Now living in Skillman, New Jersey, he continues a life-long interest in the America presidency.  -Organized by Barbara Johnson; greeter Connie Loukatos Board Member.
Photos by Kathy Hutchins.

GM2020-2-27_1217: audience GM2020-2-27_1220: Rev. Mulford, speaker

GM2020-2-27_1213: attendees.
GM2020-2-27_1219: Rev. Mulford GM2020-2-27_1226-Mr.Cleary & Rev.Mulford
GM2020-2-27_1229-the husbands


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