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Scholarship Committee Annual Report 2013

The Committee Chair, Kathleen Hutchins, and Danuta Buzdygan, Beverly Kestenis, and Janet Reiche, interviewed 34 young women from The Hun School (6), Princeton Day School (7), Princeton High School (19), and Stuart Country Day School (2).  The Committee awarded college scholarships to ten young women: two from Princeton Day School, two from the Hun School, and six from Princeton High School.

The Florence Bell Hillier Award went to Rebecca Pankove of The Hun School; the Mary Bruce Updike Award went to Cindy Guzman of Princeton High School; the Harriett Peterson Book Award/Women’s College Club Scholarship went to Rebecca Freda of Princeton High School; and the Eleanore LeNoble DeYoung Memorial Award went to Isobel Nass of Princeton High School.  The following six Women’s College Club Scholarships were awarded to: Naiyah Ambros of Princeton Day School, Jacquelynn Chmiel of Princeton High School, Jelani McMath of Princeton High School, Daisy Mase of Princeton Day School, Lily Razavi of The Hun School, and Melissa Urias of Princeton High school.

The Scholarships and Awards were presented to the recipients at a scholarship tea at the home of member Virginia (Ginny) Mason on Thursday, May 16th.   Present were members of the club, nine of the ten recipients and their families (Melissa Urias was unable to attend), as well as Sarah Graham of Princeton Day School, Rahda Mishra and Nancy Icenhower of The Hun School, and Robert Hillier.  Also present was Fred Mase, Sr., the first grandfather to attend, and Beth Ann Ogilvie Freda, former winner of a Women’s College Club Scholarship in 1982 and mother of this year’s winner Rebecca Freda.  Members of the Club provided refreshments and Anika Guenther was the official photographer.

As chair of the Committee, I would like to note again that Rosemary Barratt, a current member and former President of the Club, provided the certificates and calligraphy for the award ceremony.  That effort provides a great service to the Committee and the Club and is greatly appreciated.   Again the Club is grateful for the generosity of Virginia Mason, our hostess.

/s/Kathleen Hutchins
Chairperson, Scholarship Committee

Below are 39 photos taken at the tea.  Click on the thumbnail images to see larger photos with descriptions.

0101  Eight of the ten 2013 Women’s College Club Scholarship Award Winners (l to r):1.Jelani McMath  (Princeton High) 2.Naiyah Ambrose (Princeton Day) 3.Daisy Mase  (Princeton Day) 4.Rebecca Pankove  (Hun School) 5.Jacquelyn Chmiel  (Princeton High) 6.Isobe0202  New Member Janet Kuenne talking to Rebecca Pankove, winner of the Florence Bell Hillier Scholarship.0303  Danuta Buzdygan, next year’s Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, presenting a rose to Daisy Mase who will be attending Franklin & Marshall College in the fall.0404   Scholarship recipients seated to receive their awards at the home of member Virginia Mason.

0505  Winner Jelani McMath receiving her rose from Danuta Buzdygan while President Reba Lippincott looks on.0606  Danuta Buzdygan congratulates winner Jacquelyn Chmiel.0707  Danuta Buzdygan congratulates winner Naiyah Ambros who will attend Brown University this fall.0808  Winner Lily Razavi (Hun School) receives her rose from Danuta Budygan.

0909  President Reba Lippincott congratulates Rebecca Freda, winner of the Harriet Peterson Book Award/Women’s College club Award.1010    Cindy Guzman, winner of the club’s largest award- the Mary Bruce Updike Award, will be attending Rutgers University this fall.1111    Rebecca Pankove, recipient of, and J. Robert Hillier donor of the Florence Bell Hillier Award in honor of his mother, pose for a photo.  Rebecca will attend Emory University this fall.1212    J. Robert Hillier relates the history of the Florence Bell Hillier Award.

1313  Winners (l to r) Lily Rasavi, Rebecca Pankove, and Rebecca Freda enjoy Mr. Hillier’s stories of his mother’s involvement in the Princeton community.1414  Winners Cindy Guzman, Jacquelynn Chmiel, Daisy Mase and Naiyah Ambros listen attentively to Mr. Hillier.1515  In addition to her scholarship, Mr. Hillier presents Rebecca Pankove with a Hillier Scholarship memento.1616  Seated behind the scholarship winners are some of the members and invited guests who attended the tea.

1717  (l to r) Isobel Nass, Lily Razavi, and Rebecca Pankove share camaraderie during the event.1818  More camaderie among (l to right) Jelani McMath, Cindy Guzman, Jacquelynn Chmiel, Daisy Mase, and Naiyah Ambros.1919  Club member Gerry Bowers talking to Robert Hillier over refreshments.2020  Hostess Virginia Mason talking with Fred Mase, Sr., and Fred Mase, grandfather and father of winner Daisy Mase.

2121  Cindy Guzman, winner of the Mary Bruce Updike Award, and Reba Lippincott, club president.2222  Jelani McMath, Cindy Guzman, and Reba Lippincott.2323  Club member Dorothy Fullam and Robert Hillier conversing after the presentations.2424  Naiyah Ambros with her mother, Tamira Ambro;  Naiyah will be attending Brown University in the fall.

2525  Isobel Nass talking with club members Dorothy Fullam and Lorraine Haucke.2626   Long time club members (l to r) Nancy Lifland, Kay Bingeman, Gerry Bowers, and Dorothy Fullam enjoy camaraderie during refreshments.2727  Pictured are Beth Ann Ogilvie Freda (winner of a Women’s College Club Scholarship Award in 1982) and her daughter Rebecca Freda (winner of the 2013 Harriet Peterson Book Award/WCC Scholarship Award) with Kathleen Hutchins (center), Chairperson of the 2828  Club member Mary Lincoln talking with winner Rebecca Freda.

2929  Winner Jelani McMath and Danuta Buzdygan; Scholarship Chairperson Kathleen Hutchins looking on.3030  Jelani McMath and her mother, Michelle Ambeehatch; Jelani will major in Psychology at the University of Arizona this fall.3131  Winner Isobel Nass talking with club members Dorothy Fulham and Kay Bingeman.3232  Pictured are Sarah M. Graham (center), Director of College Counseling at Princeton Day School conversing with winner Naiyah Ambros (right) and her mother, Tamira Ambros (left).

3333  Winner Jelani McMath talking with club members Beverly Crane Dubee and Aloha Holloway.3434  Winner Jacquelynn Chmiel talks with club members Danuta Buzdygan and Lorraine Haucke.3535  Danuta Buzdygan presents Isobel Nass, winner of the Eleanore LeNoble DeYoung Memorial Award, her rose.3636  Winner Isobel Nass receiving her scholarship award; Looking on are club President Reba Lippincott and club member, Marjory White, the donor of the memorial award.

3737  Club member Marjory White, donor of the Eleanore LeNoble DeYoung Memorial Award, describes the outstanding qualities of her friend and longtime Women’s College Club colleague, Eleanore LeNoble DeYoung, whose deeds  inspired Marjory to donate the schol3838 Rahda Mishra, Associate Director of College Counseling at the Hun School, converses with Danuta Buzdygan over refreshments.3939  Club President Reba Lippincott thanking  Scholarship Committee member Beverly Kestenis for her contributions as a member of the outstanding 2013 Scholarship Committee.


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