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Trip: The TCNJ Art Gallery, Oct. 25, 2018

On October 25th, 2018, WCCP members stopped by the Trenton College of New Jersey art gallery, saw some of Marguerita Hagan’s recent work, learned about how she uses interdisciplinary research to inform her work, and talked with her about her process. 

Marguerita Hagan, Philadelphia-based artist, is Artist in Residence from October 18-31, 2018 at The TCNJ Art Gallery.

Hagan’s work is rooted in deep research and close observation of the natural world. She draws inspiration from the structural complexity and engineered beauty of all forms of life, from the single-celled diatoms that produce 20% of the oxygen we breathe, to the turtles, whales and crabs that are native to the region’s coastal waters.

To learn more about Hagan’s work:

(Photos courtesy of Nora Ananos; Trip was organized by Club President, Kathy Hutchins.)
TCNJgalleryHagan6513-with artist Marguita Hagan TCNJgalleryHagan6516

TCNJgalleryHagan6517 TCNJgalleryHagan6519

TCNJgalleryHagan6520 TCNJgalleryHagan6521

TCNJgalleryHagan6525 TCNJgalleryHagan6529

TCNJgalleryHagan6532-L2R:G.Culin, M.E. Parry, M.Hagan, N.Ananos, K. Hutchins, M.Gordon, L. Haucke.


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