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WW2 Veterans / WCCP members

On Nov 11, 2018 Sunday, Veterans Day, Stonebridge honored all its resident veterans. WCCP member Barbara Johnson, her husband John was honored for his navy service in WW2.   One of our WCCP members, Frieda Gilvarg, sailed in in her full WW2 WAVE uniform, much to everyone’s surprise and pleasure.  She was the hit of the afternoon, especially that she still has the uniform and it still fits.

Elizabeth (Betty) Baran, a WCCP member, worked with Frieda at Burgdorff Realtors for several years but never knew Frieda, a lovely lady, had been in the service. 

Frieda Gilvarg, one of the Club’s great originals, is one of the four College Club members who served in World War II.  Frieda and two others, Gerry Bowers and Barbara Broad, all three served in the navy. Mary Frances Stahler served in the army.

Let’s now celebrate our very much present wonderful veterans, Frieda Gilvarg, Gerry Bowers, Barbara Broad, and Mary Frances Stahler – vibrant, funny, energetic women who served their country and this club and still do.  They deserve more than a salute, but we should send them one anyway.  We all thank Frieda, Gerry, Barbara, and Frances for their services. 

Below are Barbara Johnson’s wonderful pictures of Frieda Gilvarg at the Stonebridge reception. 

Frieda Gilvarg in her WW2 WAVE uniform on Veterans Day, Nov 11, 2018, at Stonebridge. Frieda Gilvarg image2

Frieda Gilvarg -image3

Photos of Gerry Bowers:

We will be adding more photos of Barbara, and Frances later.


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