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Trip: Roebling Museum – November 22, 2019

On Friday, November 22, 2019, we went on a car trip to the Roebling Museum. At one end of the huge parking lot, there is a small building where the workers used to “clock in”.  Next to that structure is a cobblestone walk that leads up to the main museum building. The cost of the tour and museum fee was $10 per person. The tour started with a short film which I found very moving. I had no idea what a huge company Roebling was and the role they played in 20th Century American industry.   The trip included a walking tour of about 20 minutes of the town of Roebling that the company created.  Trip participants were Club members: Kathy Hutchins, Beverly Kestenis, Dixie Kirpalani, Mary Ellen Parry, Marlene Gordon, Alyce Conlon, Jackie Bloom, Connie Loukatos, Fay Austin, Helen Ju and her three guests: Bill Uebbing, Shahla and Eberhard Wunderlich. We had lunch at Villaggio Iccara Restorante in Yardville, NJ, which is on the way home. -Kathy, trip organizer. (Photos by K. Hutchins and H. Ju)

mapHistoricVillageRoeblingNJ mapDescripHistoricVillageRoeblingNJ

RoeblingM_small structure where workers would RoeblingM_outside front entrance of museum-0488

Roebling-KH_M.E.Parry, Varissa tour guide, W.Uebbing, lobby of museum.  RoeblingM_Charles Roebling-0476 RoeblingM_bridge model in media room-0477

RoeblingM_General Store-0469  RoeblingM_village showing on the left boarding house in the distance.    RoeblingM_Roebling Monument near the park-0471  RoeblingM_sample of a larger home for upper management_0472

RoeblingM_sample of cable rope-0487 Roebling-KH_D.Kirpalani,M.E.Parry,M.Gordon, T.Healy, A.Conlon. RoeblingM_museum hallway-0484  RoeblingM_museum exhibits-0485 RoeblingM_painting of GW Bridge- 0474  RoeblingM_painting of Brooklyn Bridge-0473 RoeblingM_timeline-0491  RoeblingM_model bridge-0492 RoeblingM_wooden race car-0493  RoeblingM_General Store sign-0494 RoeblingM_museum interior-0496   RoeblingM_recycling scrap metal to make iron ropes. RoeblingM_leftover frame of metal recycling plant-0481   RoeblingM-area where metal scrape were recycled_0479


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