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Trip: Feb. 25, 2020 — TCNJ Art Gallery: Caroline Kent

We went to The College of New Jersey Art Gallery February 25, 2020 for a tour of “Caroline Kent: A Form Walks Toward You In The Dark”. The tour started at 10:30 a.m.  We car-pooled from Kathy’s house, and had lunch afterwards. The people who went were Jan Stout, Nora Ananos, Kathy Hutchins , Elaine Rafferty, Isabella (docent), Pat Ward (friend of Jan Stout), Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, and Connie Loukatos.
This link has more information about the exhibition (Feb 5 – March 15, 2020).  The show features works on large unstretched canvases, mid-sized canvases, and three-dimensional wall-mounted sculptures that engage with unexpected gallery spaces like corners and doorframes. Margaret Pezalla-Granlund, director of the gallery, had arranged for an art history student interning with the gallery to give us our tour.  It was marvelous. 
By the way, our last tour of this gallery on October  29, 2018 was exceptional also.  We met and visited with the artist and as well as other TCNJ art students.  It was enormous fun…intimate and very personal.  Both trips to TCNJ were organized by Kathy Hutchins.
Photos below were taken by Nora Ananos.

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0457

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0450

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0440

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0448

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0446

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0442

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0435

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0434

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0456

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0451

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0459

TCNJ-Art Gallery_0458


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