The Women's College Club of Princeton NJ


April 2020 Newsletter

President’s Message

So where to start and where to end this message? I hope it finds you well and hopeful of a better time to come. Our year is shutting down early. There is no way to plan an annual luncheon at Windrows with entertainment by the artists of the Princeton Festival in this climate. We might be able to manage to make scholarship awards without interviewing the students but the likelihood of a tea is remote. That effort is still up in the air. We have tentatively scheduled a bridge benefit for November at Mercer Oaks Golf Courses. So we have time on our hands and can invent projects …like my garage, my cluttered attic, my animal kingdom.

There is, however, something specific we can do. I invite, urge, and implore you to write a check, perhaps in the amount of a reservation to the cancelled bridge benefit ($55), to the Women’s College Club Scholarship Fund or the Endowment Fund and send it to our treasurer, Marlene Gordon, 39 Slayback Drive, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550. This will be our second year without a benefit. Financially, these young women will need all the help we can give next year.

I am open to suggestions of what we can do as a club to stay in touch with one another, to stay involved in our goal, and to be safe and sane.

Kathy Hutchins



Due to the circumstances this year, we have decided that we will postpone our fundraiser until the fall, probably November. We have also cancelled our May Luncheon meeting



The Board Meeting has been cancelled for April.



Due to the virus, we will NOT be meeting in March.

Once the Plainsboro library reopens again, I will find out if we can keep the books until the end of April. I will let the book group know what they say.

We are reading Florence Gordon by Brian Morton. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact Bonnie Larson, or 609-655-2663.



The lunching out group has cancelled lunches due to the virus. When it is safe for all of us to go out again, I will send a notice to everyone regarding a location and date.

Bonnie Larson



Several members provided refreshments and assistance at our February meeting. Thanks to Janet Young, Danuta Buzdygan-Stys, Marlene Gordon, Mary Reiling, Mary Frances Stahler and Fay Austin who I mistakenly overlooked in December.
I am delighted to say that we have enjoyed some truly delicious refreshments, beautiful floral arrangements, and bountiful fresh fruit these past months. Many thanks to ALL the cooperative and generous members who made our meetings a success this year.

Lorraine Haucke



Please make the following update in your directory:

Beverly Kestenis has a new address and phone number. Please call Club President Kathy Hutchins to get the information.





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