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2021 Scholarship Winners

WCCP 2021 SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS (20 of the 20 winners) 2021 Scholarship Winners and Donors – Photo Collage

This year we had 20 scholarship winners.  We would like to congratulate all of the girls.  They all have impressive backgrounds and are worthy recipients.

The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to award a scholarship to Nazareth Mehreteab, a student from The Princeton Day School. Nazareth’s counselor and teachers state that Nazareth is very inquisitive with strong reasoning abilities.  She is willing to express opposing ideas and enjoys leading discussions. Nazareth is able to contribute excellent ideas even during remote learning. She delves into topics until she is certain of her understanding of the material. Nazareth has taken a most challenging academic program, while maintaining high grades in Honors and Advanced Placement classes.  Her great interest in technology led her to develop a computer application to guide low-income students through the college application process.

Nazareth has participated in many extracurricular activities and has given much time to community service.  She has been a clarinet player and has been helpful to younger students in the band.  She has belonged to the NAACP’s Afro-American, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics where she won two silver medals for writing.  She has participated in the Princeton Day School chapter of the National Organization of Women, where she conducted bi-weekly discussions and assisted with a conference at The Princeton Day School.  She has shown a strong interest in racial justice, gender equality, and she planned a workshop on immigrants’ rights and led others in the state on that topic.  She has been a member of the Black and Latino Student Union.   Nazareth completed an internship in which she explored trends in marketing strategies.  She has been an online features editor.  She volunteered at When All Vote Campaign, registering over 3,000 Americans to vote using social media to encourage voting accessibility.  She was selected as a youth leader for Somerset County high school students to discuss local issues with freeholders, lawyers, and healthcare professions. 

Nazareth will attend Tufts University where she will major in Economics and minor in Computer Science.


The Luna Kayser Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Eilah Wahlin, a student at The Hun School of Princeton. Eilah’s teachers have described Eilah as eager to learn, observant and perceptive.  Her insights into topics have been valuable during class discussions. When challenged in math class, she put forth a great effort until success was achieved. 

Eilah’s counselor stated that Eilah has been kind and nonjudgmental toward others. She has achieved excellent grades while taking a challenging academic program.  Eilah has participated in numerous school and community activities. She has played varsity basketball and in ninth grade managed the team. She also participated in varsity crew.  Eilah has given volunteer time to The Salvation Army, March of Dimes, Ronald McDonald House, and the Special Olympics.  She was a speaker and panelist at a Youth Summit at the Academy of Life.  She participated in a mental health summit for teens, parents and educators.  She has been president of the Black Student Union and hosted and created a network of events for New Jersey Schools.  She has worked as a Resident Life Proctor at Hun. Year round she has babysat for multiple families. Eilah has interned at Wordee Publishing House, where she assisted with proofreading, marketing, and book content.

Eilah will attend Tulane University in the fall. She will be on the pre-med track with a major in Psychology.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to award the Molly Updike award to Krelyn Zacarias of Princeton High School. Krelyn’s science teacher stated that Krelyn read many scientific articles, wrote a literature review, and planned a research project for grades eleven and twelve.  She began working on a two-year research program focusing on plastic eating microbes from soil samples.  However, she was unable to complete the work due to the Coronavirus shut down. She co-founded the Astrophysics Club and obtained data from NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite with the goal of discovering exoplanets around distant stars.  She demonstrated a strong drive and self-motivation during online learning, as she continued to work on her many topics of interest.  Krelyn’s Social Studies teacher described Krelyn as having exceptional reasoning skills. She was a founder of Scidestination, which brings science education to underserved classrooms around the world. Krelyn has shown great insight and has contributed valuable information during discussions.  She has enjoyed sharing her thoughts of Latin American history with her peers. While taking a challenging course load, Krelyn excelled in all subject areas. 

Krelyn has volunteered a great deal of time to community service.  She was in an advisory group at Corner House where she spoke to teens about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse.  She co-chaired Social Media Public Service announcements, planned social events for groups and gathered information on housing programs. She was Co-President of Generation One, which mentors and guides first generation high school students, and assists with the college application process. She has been a member of the Italian Honor Society, and has participated in the Waksman Student Scholars Program and was a finalist in the QuestBridge National College Match.  Krelyn has been a member of the Princeton University Materials Academy, Co-President of Girl Up, which involves clothing drives for girls in third world countries.  She also was co-founder of the Princeton Astrophysics Club, which conducts research on Astronomy.

Krelyn will attend Colgate University this summer in a scholar’s program.  She will continue her studies there in astrophysics.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to give an award to Milan Moise, a student from The Hun School of Princeton. Milan’s teachers remark about Milan’s strong writing and analytical skills.  She is seen as a natural leader.  She enjoys challenging both peers and teachers to in depth discussions.  She gives full commitment to all her endeavors.  She is always respectful and empathic toward others and she brings a joy to the classroom. 

During the Covid-19 school closure, Milan started designing model rockets.  Milan’s counselor taught a class titled “Walking in MLK’s Footsteps.”  It required students to focus on social justice during discussions and to travel to the cities of Atlanta, Birmingham and Montgomery, visiting historic sites.  While completing an independent study in this class Milan demonstrated a great understanding of how past racial systematic oppression has affected current problems, such as the mass incarceration of black people.  

Milan’s contributions led her to be the keynote speaker for the 2019 convocation and the 2020 National Association of Independent Schools Conference.  She has been an active member and has served as vice president of the local chapter of  the Jack and Jill Association, which involves leadership development, volunteerism, philanthropic giving and civic duty.  She has been a member of Hun’s Acapella group and has served as co-president of the Black Student Union. She was the Step Team Captain, and was on the Stem scholars track.  She has been a member of the National Honor Society, a Special Olympics volunteer and has participated in the W.E.B. Du Bois Scholars Institute. Milan has achieved excellent grades while taking Honors and Advanced Placement classes.

Milan plans on studying Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at The George Washington University.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to award a scholarship to Lila O’Kane from Princeton High School. Lila’s teachers who taught Lila Japanese and Genetics described her as responsible, intelligent, and organized.  An example of her creativity was when she completed an assignment answering the question “What is Cancer?” She applied the question to real life situations, which showed empathy for the patient. She studied French and Sign Language and has taken a Mandarin language course online with students from around the world. She has demonstrated intellectual curiosity and an open mindedness. She achieved a high academic standing in a rigorous program.

Lila participated in the Kanazawa/Princeton Exchange Program. She was not able to go to Japan due to the pandemic.  However, she was still able to learn more about the language and culture. She has continued to take piano lessons. Lila co-authored the book Word Birdy, the Unheard-of Word Dictionary, which is a book of invented words and definitions, some very humorous.  In 2019 Lila volunteered with the North American Federation of Temple Youth.  She worked in the Tikun Olam project in Jerusalem, which involved assisting the less advantaged and also helping adults with disabilities.  Lila learned Sign Language and about the deaf culture while taking classes at Marie Katzenbach School for the Deaf. Lila volunteered at the Arts Council of  Princeton, leading children in their creative works. Lila contributed to her school community by working as Wardrobe Supervisor. She traveled to Paris through the Colmar Princeton Exchange Program.

Lila will be attending American University where she plans to major in International Relations and Japanese.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to present a scholarship to Jordan Young from The Princeton Day School.  Jordan’s teachers stated that Jordan is hard working, mature and thoughtful.  She has been a leader among her peers.  When she completed a project on refugees and displaced persons in Yemen, her presentation displayed a deep understanding of the issues, and a good grasp of statistical analysis. She has been well prepared for classes and she always contributed to discussions. When she needed to research how the media stereotypes women, Jordan showed an independent and intelligent way of thinking. Jordan’s counselor remarked that Jordan loves hands-on work; for example, she designed 3-D printed glasses.  Her work in photography has been outstanding. She has done an excellent job when working with lower school students in the Teacher Assistant Program. Jordan’s senior project “Dress A Girl Around The World” involved sewing clothes for impoverished girls.

Jordan has taken a strong academic program, and has achieved high grades in all subjects. Jordan has played ice hockey on both the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams. She played Lacrosse Club, competing against nationally ranked teams.  She has been an American Red Cross volunteer, participating in fund raisers. As a Peer Leader and Mentor, she advised freshman students. Jordan has worked year-round as a certified Red Cross lifeguard.

Jordan will attend Syracuse University where she plans to study Photography and Retail Management.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to present a scholarship to Ja’Niyah Williams from Princeton High School.  Ja’Niyah’s teachers describe Ja’Niyah as dependable, honest and determined to succeed.  She has been consistent with managing time and peers can always depend on her. She set goals and is committed to achieving them.  She has been an active participant in class.  As part of her racial history class, she toured Washington D.C. where she completed a digital photo gallery of the tour. When schools closed in March 2020, Ja’Niyah worked on a web-based project to build community around some of her favored interests.  During the COVID pandemic virtual learning she was flexible and kept interest in her studies. Ja’Niyah stated that she took an entrepreneurship summer program at a local university to learn the steps of owning a business.  Ja’Niyah attended a program called Minding Our Business through a non-profit organization.  Its goals are to meet community needs by assisting urban youth with vocational and personal development.  Ja’Niyah has belonged to the Advocacy for Youth Program, which guides students with college preparation.  She helped with an End Hunger organization and worked at Community House, which deals with tutoring and mentorship. Ja’Niyah was employed at a local ice cream shop.

Ja’Niyah plans to attend Montclair State University, majoring in Business Administration.  Her goal is to someday own a Day Care Center.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is proud to award a scholarship to Faith Neo, a student at Princeton High School. Faith’s teachers described Faith as responsible and diligent.  She has demonstrated solid critical thinking skills and was able to connect her history lessons with other subject areas.  She has been a strong and creative science student.  Faith has pursued a rigorous academic program, and obtained A’s in Honors and Advanced Placement classes. Faith has contributed much of her time and talents to school and community activities.  While living in California she volunteered at the Orange County Rescue Mission and Mary’s Kitchen.  When she moved to Princeton, she began working with special education students.   Faith stated that through these volunteer experiences she has acquired a love for psychology and law.  She mentioned her passion for music and has played piano, violin, guitar and ukulele, which led to becoming a co-leader in a Music Therapy club. She incorporated this therapy when working with middle school special education students.  Her talent as a violin player led her to be concertmaster for the Chamber Orchestra. She has been giving affordable beginner violin and piano lessons from home, and organized activities at the Nassau Christian Center. Faith has enjoyed playing lacrosse and received the athlete scholar award.  She mentioned that while participating in this sport she loved the team spirit and cooperation. 

Faith will be studying at the University of California at Irvine, where she plans on majoring in Literary Journalism. After college she wants to pursue a law degree. 


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to present an award to Sophia Miranda, a student at The Princeton Day School.

Sophia’s teachers described Sophia as very capable and diligent.  She received almost perfect scores on all her Philosophy exams.  Even though much of her time needed to be given to soccer, she always demonstrated a commitment to her academics.  She put forth a strong effort in Honors Physics and displayed a clear understanding of the material.  She remained focused and consistent even when classes were remote.  Sophia’s counselor mentioned Sophia’s level of maturity, as she balanced her extracurricular activities with her studies.  She has taken a rigorous academic program, achieving A’s in Honors and Advanced Placement classes. She was elected a Student Life Representative and has gained much respect from faculty and peers.

Sophia has received many awards for soccer.  She has been a Student Ambassador, giving tours to prospective students.  As a Student Life representative, she helped plan the homecoming and prom.  She has volunteered at Mercer Street Friends, helping to distribute food.  She has worked as a Printer at Ewing Sports and has been an Instacart shopper.

Sophia will attend Haverford College and is interested in studying the sciences.


The Women’s College Club of Princeton is pleased to award a scholarship to Aaliyah Sayed, a student at The Princeton Day School. 

Aaliyah’s teachers described Aaliyah as someone who will excel in the fields of technology and research.  She has developed many computer applications including those for shelters to obtain access to food. She completed an independent study on artificial intelligence. She has displayed a superior analytical skill in her writing.  She was able to successfully complete challenging programming projects. Aaliyah’s counselor stated that Aaliyah is one of the most innovative and entrepreneurial students she has ever worked with. She has made plans to use her talents in technology to work on environmental issues.  She has achieved straight A’s in a most rigorous academic program.Aaliyah has been involved in a variety of school and community activities. She was Co-founder and CEO of 19 CovidAid which connected volunteers with those most impacted by the pandemic.  There have been over five hundred users and organizations; this was featured in national news.  She built applications to research food insecurity, unemployment and traffic accidents.  Aaliyah has been president of the Computer Science and Technology Club.  She has earned Scholar of Distinction for the National Academic Squad for her participation in Varsity Field Hockey.  Through the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program, she led students to research unemployment trends.  She taught fourth graders how to code and mentored students in STEM homework.  She has been a participant in a Selective Entrepreneurship Program.  She was the head science editor for the school newspaper.  She was named an Energy and Climate Scholar by Princeton University.

Aaliyah will attend Princeton University and will continue to pursue her technological research in ways that can provide solutions to difficult world problems.


Sofia Alvarez-Cabrera – recipient of a Women’s Club of Princeton scholarship.  Sofia, a student at Princeton High School, is an intelligent, friendly student who is willing to challenge herself.  She likes the Fine Arts, took ballet lessons, was in the senior play, directed a Musical Theater short scene and a short trailer for the school play, was the Public Relation Manager of The Ivy Literary and Art Magazine.  She was also a varsity cheerleader, Varsity Boys Soccer Manager and Big Sister for K-12. She plans to attend the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

Gillian Bartels-Quansah – recipient of the Marjory White Memorial Scholarship.

Gillian is a student at Princeton High School.  According to her computer science teacher she demonstrated a passion for computer science and challenging material. Her problem-solving skills and ability to learn quickly sets her apart from other students. She wants to be a change agent for diversity.  In addition, she has performed as a singer in the Princeton Girlchoir Ensemble and Cantores, and in music and drama programs.  She won the Prestigious Gold Key award for enhancing the greater good of the school community.  She plans to attend Barnard College and is interested in Computational Biology research.

Bella Cosimina Bobb – recipient of the Women’s College Club Scholarship. 

Bella, a student at Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, is an excellent writer who has published poetry, a short story, an analytic essay, opinion pieces and news articles. She is proficient in 2 languages and has a basic grasp of 2 more. She did community work in Appalachia and New Mexico. She was a Teen Advisory Board Leader at the Princeton Public Library.  She won the Barat award for character and compassion at her school.   She plans to attend Tufts University to study political science and sociology.

Gabriella Cattani – recipient of the Women’s College Club of Princeton Scholarship.

Gabby, a student at Hun School of Princeton, loves theater, was in 9 plays and had lead roles in 5 of them.  She took Latin 1 and learned Latin 2 the same year, and the next year she was in Latin Honors.  She completed in Certamens (Latin language, culture & history) and was cum laude with distinction in the National Latin exam.  The Director of College Counseling described her as “Intellectually quirky, wickedly creative and undeniably resilient”.  She completed 5 AP classes and 7 Honors classes with a focus on Biology and Latin.   She “has been keeping up-to-date on the latest research in the medical field as her goal in life is to pursue ways to advocate for others”.  She plans to attend University of Vermont in a pre-veterinary program.

Britney Chia – recipient of the Woman’s College Club Scholarship.

She is a student at Princeton Day School.  An active learner, Britney conducted an independent study with National Book Award Poet Ada Limon.  At the end of her junior year, she was granted the Zaininger Award, an endowed grant to assist in a potentially life-changing summer experience.  Britney chose to research neuroscience and healing.  She was also the School Representative at the National Association of Independent Schools Student Diversity Leadership Conference in her senior year.  She was a Surgical Care Volunteer at Penn Medicine Princeton Health Hospital.  She plans to attend Vanderbilt University to study Clinical Psychology and Latin American Studies.

Skylar Diaz – a recipient of the Peterson Book Award/Women’s College Club Scholarship. 

She is a student at Princeton Day School.  According to her English teacher Skylar is very creative and wants to achieve academic excellence.  While working to master the art of literary analysis, she made consistent inquiries of character motivation, author’s style and themes.  She loves theater, was in many productions, and had a lead role in her senior year. She chose a different community service each of her school years, including Bernardsville Public Library, Operation Smile, and Think Pink, a breast cancer organization.  She has been active in racial and gender equality designing posters, spreading awareness on social media, marching in peaceful protests, and making donations.   Because she found fashion to be focused on models who are skinny, tall and white, she plans to major in Apparel Merchandising at Iowa State University.

Ella Jackson – a recipient of the Hillier Prize.

She is a student at Princeton Day School.  Ella takes the initiative when she sees it.  She saw art work on social media, and knew she wanted to work with the artist, Alexandra Grounds. She wrote and asked if she could assist her in the summer.  She got a summer internship with this artist.  She applied for a position online and secured the commission to illustrate a children’s book by the self-published author Niki Morris.  Although she spent years in ballet, was a student/dancer at the American Repertory Ballet, and was a participant in the Washington Ballet Summer Intensive, she ultimately decided she liked visual art better.  Ella took weekend art classes in Philadelphia, spent time on photography and working on painting.  She plans to attend Pratt Institute.

Amanda Jenkins – a recipient of the Katherine Ness Memorial Scholarship.

She is a student at Hun School of Princeton.   A gifted student, she was inducted into the Cum Laude Society and winner of the Wellesley College Book Award for academic and personal excellence.  She was given the opportunity to enroll in a Spanish class at Princeton University.  She initiated the establishment of the National Spanish Honors Society local chapter at her school.  Amanda built a telepresence robot, under the guidance of her engineering teacher, which has the ability to recognize speech and carry out basic motor functions.  In her church community she founded and led a youth chapter to provide academic assistance to young students.  She introduced STEM initiatives and wrote an interactive science children’s book “The Journey of Purple-Eyed Germia” to teach the community children about immunology, which was praised by her science teacher.  Amanda plans to attend Columbia University’s School of Engineering.

Morgan John – a recipient of the Women’s College Club of Princeton Scholarship.

She is a student at Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart. According to her history teacher, Morgan is one of the 5 best students she has had in 20 years of teaching. She has exceptional skills in critical thinking and is a confident fluid writer.  Morgan has been involved in many extracurricular activities and was a leader in many of them.  Diversity issues are very important to Morgan.  She was a student representative to the Student Diversity Leadership Conference, and worked with the Director of Campus Ministry to build initiatives into her school’s activities.  According to the Director of Counseling, she played an integral role in “our Her-Story production during Black History Month,” and served as “liaison between the student body and administrators”.  She was a lead planner for an Upper School assembly on the topic of microaggressions, etc. and collected data afterward.  Then Covid-19 hit, and Morgan single-handedly reached out about the surveys and revived the work they had been doing.  In additions, she volunteered for Homefront family Campus Homeless Shelter for 3 years, at the Urban Challenge at the Romero Center Ministries, at Brandywine Assisted Living in Pennington, and the World Leadership School in Belize.  Morgan plans on attending William and Mary.

Rosemary Martinez – a recipient of the Women’s College Club of Princeton Scholarship.

She is a student at Hun School of Princeton.  According to the associate director of college counseling, Rosie was born in Mexico, moved to Trenton, NJ, moved to Honduras, then back to Trenton, NJ.  Rosie wrote that we began our lives in the US, clueless, but took every opportunity that we had.  She grew up never letting any challenge get the best of her.   She was VP of the Gender and Sexuality Club and the Latin American and Hispanic culture club, VP of talkin’ art club, on the Executive board of GEM club and involved in musicals, dance and the spring play. She is an excellent math student and has good grades in all subjects.  She was on the Student Honor board and was inducted into the Spanish Honor Society.  She has been an advisor to the headmaster regarding diversity.  She travels an hour back and forth from school each day and her biggest extra-curricular activity is babysitting her four siblings.  She dreams of being a social worker or educator.  She plans to attend the University of Richmond.


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