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The Scholarship Committee, consisting of Alyce Conlon, Connie Loukatos,   Elaine Rafferty and Sandy Stein, met on October 19, 2020 on Connie’s deck to plan the year.  Elaine Rafferty continued in her role as Chair.  Initial responsibilities were delegated to get started: holiday cards would be sent to last year’s winners, guidance counselors were informed that the Women’s College Club of Princeton would again be awarding scholarships in 2021, but due to the continuing pandemic it was unknown at the time how the rest of the year would go.  

As the calendar turned to the new year, the Committee worked via email and laid out the rest of its responsibilities which included updating the application form as needed, emails or “Ask Letters” were sent out in late January to J. Robert Hillier, Murray Peyton and Laura Marks (family of Marjory White), thanking them for their past support and requesting their support again.  Kathy Hutchins informed the Club of a new scholarship from the estate of Katherine Ness ($10,000 to be awarded over four years, $2,500 each year).  We ascertained that the family would like the award winner to be planning to study in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM).  It was determined that due to the ill health of Murray Peyton, the husband of Ramona Segrest Peyton, the Club would not offer that scholarship this year. In late January, the Scholarship Committee emailed the scholarship packets to the Guidance Counselors at the four schools requesting that the applications be returned to their offices by March 28th with every intention that the Committee would review the applications, schedule Zoom interviews and finish the process in April.  The best laid plans…sometimes just don’t work out!  Let’s blame it on Covid!!

At the February board meeting, Lynda Woods Cleary, Endowment Chair, informed the board that the amount from the Scholarship Endowment Fund for this year’s scholarships would be $24,743.  In addition, scholarship funds held in the operating account (from dues, gifts, fundraisers, etc.) amounted to $14,500 which would bring the total amount to be awarded in 2021 to $39,243.

Twenty applicants applied for scholarships, up from the 2020 Covid number of 19.

The Committee went to work in May. As our work progressed, the Committee warmed up to ZOOM meetings for discussion and the interviews of 10 applicants for the final decision making.  Thanks to Sandy Stein for arranging the Committee’s Zoom calls.  After much discussion, the Committee completed the selection process which awarded scholarships to all 20 applicants totaling $39,000.  The Committee continued to receive the support of the guidance counselors throughout the process.  We congratulate and thank them for all they do for their students!! 

Alyce Conlon and Sandy Stein prepared the bios of the winners.  Kathy Hutchins extended an invitation to the scholarship recipients to the May 24th Zoom program meeting to introduce them, have their bios read and have them say a few words.  That event was successful.  

Nora Ananos, the Club’s official photographer, again offered to create a collage of pictures of the winners and donors in a way to capture the excitement and importance of what we do.  When completed, the collage can be found on the Club’s web site.  We are ever so grateful to Nora for doing this in the time of Covid!!  In tying up all of the remaining pieces, the Committee members all stepped forward to take on one responsibility or another.  As chair, I want to acknowledge all of the work this Committee of Alyce, Connie and Sandy have done during this endeavor!!  In addition, Helen Ju stepped forward to print out the certificates for all of the scholarship winners.  I will be forever grateful to Helen for taking on this task!!

In conclusion, the Women’s College Club of Princeton once again met its mission of awarding deserving young women scholarships to assist them in meeting the high cost of higher education.

Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Rafferty

Scholarship Committee Chair

May 30, 2021

Collages were designed and created by the club’s photographer, Nora Ananos.


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